Welcome to Hakka Alliance Church, the first Hakka speaking church in the Greater Toronto Area. At Hakka Alliance we speak the Meixian Hakka dialect that is so treasured by seniors in the Hakka community. We worship in Hakka and also in English to include a younger first generation and their families and a growing number of kids in children Sunday school from ages 6 and upward.

We are a church plant of Scarborough Community Alliance Church designed to reach out and share the Gospel to the Hakka community in Toronto. We are a family church where everyone knows everyone else in the congregation. We are a church where seniors in their 70’s and 80’s are coming to Christ. We are a church that encourages believers to keep growing in Christ and to share their lives with each other just like our theme for 2012 says "Living Christ Sharing Lives".

To all the Hakka speaking people visiting our website, we encourage you to visit us at church. Come, see and feel the sense of community in our congregation. Come and experience the nostalgia of days gone by where Hakka was spoken at home, among friends and in the community. May God bless you.

Pastor Clifford